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Foxy's brother had only one thing on his mind, besides that. His character seemed to serve no purpose except to denigrate blackness. Then out of nowhere he turned to her and said: Look baby, I’m a Black Man, and I don’t know how to sing, and I don’t know how to dance, and I don’t know how to preach. to no congregation, and I’m too small to be a football hero, and I’m too ugly to be elected mayor, but I watch tv, and I see all them people, in them fine homes they live in, and all them nice cars they drive, and I get all full of ambition, now you tell me what I’m supposed, to do with all this ambition I got; Side note: Foxy Brown is really starting to remind me of someone but I can’t quite figure out who [(1)](
We'll start by saying that the representation of Blackness has come a long long way since the birth of cinema. Still I can't help but think that this isn't what James Baldwin had in mind when he said that “next time the kissing will have to start.” [(1)](
perhaps this is a cynical view. and who knows, maybe the master’s tools can and will be used to tear down the master’s house after all. [(2)]( I still have my doubts.
"In these days no one resembling my father has made an appearance on the TV screen." "No, it’s not entirely true."
I have been desperately trying to figure out what could be done to fix this image. Something about it just feels wrong.[(1)](
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